(75 ml.)

Pure Agarwood Oil
Size : 3 ml


Even at first sight, the oil intrigues – the color itself an enigma. Do the eyes contemplate a sweet, light, nutty brown? A luminous orange? Or perhaps a full-blooded gold? We call it amber, the hue of precious objects and healing libations through the ages. The initial softness of the fragrance is as beguiling as it is bracing. The gentle release of light, woody notes follows, maturing almost imperceptibly until an aroma of unbelievable purity is encountered; holding you happily captive to this Agarwood oil - the most sought-after of Ouds, as well as the most historic.

Testifying to its unique place in the past, a version of the term “kyara” can be found in Asia’s most ancient languages. Its cultivation stretches down the centuries, too. Texts of the Jin dynasty from almost two thousand years ago hymn its unique allure. But the most striking evidence yet has been discovered in the Vietnamese heartlands. Among carvings found in the venerable Nguyen dynasty’s imperial palace of Hue, and even documents as recent as the 18th century, the distinctive leaves of the kyara tree are shown alongside those of other Agarwoods. Exactly how the complex oil is formed remains shrouded in the mists of time, but we have endeavored to ensure it can now be experienced as never before. Of course, it never quite gives up the mystery that has earned it immortal fame as the rarest Oud of all.


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