Our new Oud Exclusive Collection is the fruit of dedicated scholarship and far flung travel - but above all, passion.

Inspired by our Founder, we learned to love the myriad scents of Agarwood, known to the masters of aroma by its Arabic term of Oud.

We were taught to revere each and every variety, delving into the chronicles of the world in search of long forgotten enchantments, then journeying to the sources of the very finest oils. We felt ourselves summoned to the outermost corners of Asia, stretching even into Oceania, venturing deep into the continent’s most secret terrains. Here, we studied the time-honored ways of cultivation and distillation, learning the skills passed down to the local folk from their ancestors, and sharing what we knew from modern science. Synthesis was our quest, to keep the sources of this fabled fragrance safe and healthy, while spreading the enjoyment of Oud to all who might recognize its call. Listen carefully, and hear its joyous rapture.

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