In almost every story recounted by our elders and every chapter of the ancient chronicles, we learn at least a little about fragrances – how they are to be used in rites and ceremonies, as they have been since the dawn of time; how they belong at every momentous occasion in our lives, some signalling celebration and union while others denoting loss and departure.

Fragrances respect no boundaries, crossing oceans and cultures with the freedom of the breeze.

They are familiar to us all, yet never fully knowable by any of us.

In some ways, they resemble ourselves: no two are the same, so their variety is infinite, from the extremes of delicate subtlety to the heights of vigour and command. And so it is with the Oud Classic Collection, inspired by a thirst for knowledge, driven by a passion for exotic scents. From the sacred woods and realms of ancient lands, the closely-guarded secrets of oud, tantalisingly shared but never revealed in a collection of timeless scents for every occasion.

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