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Pure Agarwood Oil
Size : 3 ml


Captivatingly intriguing, the fragrance beckons with a feast of almond and musky aromas. At first supple, soft and beguiling, they edge into brightness and ripen until – before you can be quite sure what has happened – they have become impossible to resist. You give yourself to the experience that has alighted on you: submission is entirely pleasurable, and you are rewarded with a profusion of mellowing tones, a parade of such delights you momentarily expect them to go on forever. Instead, they give way to a surge of sweeter notes, each a little more floral than the last; you let them carry you along, until they gently dissipate, leaving you to enjoy the lingering notes of broken branches, and the bark of evergreens newly washed by the tropical rain.

Just as you may imagine you were chosen to relish the fragrance, so it was that we felt called by the drifting echoes of an enchanted mantra to the central plains of the Irrawaddy River, the heartland of Burma. Here in this deeply spiritual land forested with countess pagodas, we located the finest of this species of Aquilaria Malaccensis. Guided by local lore, we have curated the crimson Agarwood oil we call Mantra Mandalay. It needs nothing more than your willingness to be led into a luscious realm before surrendering to its delights.


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