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Pure Agarwood Oil
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Here is the freedom of nature and the majesty of its eternal cycles, as young as the dew and ageless as the earth itself. Here is the milky brown Aquilaria Malaccensis oil, a treasure cultivated deep within the shrouded beauty of Laos, that mysterious and landlocked realm far from the harsh salty breezes of ocean or sea. The kindly air is especially fine and gentle on the high, mist-brushed plateaus, among leaves so green they appear eternal. Every year, in the secret coppices of seemingly enchanted woodlands, the very first, incomparably fresh rain falls – an offering from nature to celebrate the blessed state of this, the land where the Oud trees grow.

What we call Lan Xiang Highland has long been considered the connoisseur’s Oud oil. It waits until sure you have heard its call, then starts to ripen, uncurling notes of thickly shaved wood that glide, fall and mellow. They lighten almost surreptitiously, then deepen again, never quite sweet but rich and ripe beyond compare, like the sturdy timbers of a mythic river barge, or fallen twigs carpeting the path of the adventurous traveller. Such is the passage of those to whom the fragrance beckons, an expedition across a landscape as natural as it is sublime.


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