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Pure Agarwood Oil
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The color of the Aquilaria Beccariana oil is as light as the sun and as lavish as gold, foretelling a rich character and, especially, an intensity that no other Oud oil boasts. The ripeness of freshly tanned leather leads the early notes of this commanding fragrance, then a rush of sweet vanilla lightens the spirits and brightens the eyes. Soon, nature in all its power and glory predominates, as the base notes mingle with the lingering hints of leather, then transport you among giant wild trees in the lush, humid forests of Kalimantan.

Stretching deep into Oceania, the region of Kalimantan sprawls over thousands of islands. We scoured the territory for the purest drops of this most vivacious Oud oil, and tracked them down to the Indonesian domain of the legendary island of Borneo. Unlike other areas of Kalimantan, the terrain here is left untroubled, and so, across the centuries, its natural glories have flourished and grown sturdy to a rare degree. We believe the rude good health of the natural environment gives the oil its distinctive aroma, and we are honoured to carry its fragrance into the wider world. Here, we know, Intense Kalimantan will find those for whom it is best suited, those who will recognize exactly how to enjoy its zest, vigour and glory.


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