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Pure Agarwood Oil
Size : 3 ml


The Khmer know how thunder and lightning began. They tell of it in their tale of the ogre who pursued a water goddess, and so ignited for the first time the heavens’ mightiest cacophony and most awesome illuminations. We felt we were witnessing a similar moment of origination when we found a source of perfect Aquilaria Crassna, among a proud congregation of evergreens in Cambodia’s rocky soil. Truth to tell, everything appears enchanted in this ancient kingdom, and even the natural surroundings can seem supernatural, vines shrouding forest temples as otherworldly wonders snatch the breath away.

Crassna Supreme is no less astonishing, its deep red hues filled with potency, the fragrance achieving an exquisite balance of strength and softness. First, it releases a cascade of nut-like aromas that linger, bright and rich, then deeper and denser. Soon, they’re swirling together and blending, each billow a tantalizing fraction more sweetly delicious than the last. In time, clouds of honey drift in from the far horizon, closer and closer, as the fragrance ripens elegantly. And, as after the original storm that’s recounted in the old story, the clouds leave the exhilaration of an ageless landscape suddenly fresh, after the heavens have cleansed every leaf of the kingdom’s enchanted woodland.


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