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Pure Agarwood Oil
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Our quest took us north and westward, beneath the primeval grandeur of the Himalayan Mountains, and along the mighty Brahmaputra River that traverses three great nations. We were summoned down through forests into the lush, green valleys of Assam. Here, the natural opulence nowadays referred to as “biodiversity” thrives, proudly free from human interference. Who could doubt that the vigor and purity of this unique environment help to nurture the force of the Oud? Certainly, the sages of the past understood, when they named the region “the cradle of Oud”. From the trees that flourish amid these natural treasures, the people have kept alive a craft for which they were revered in holy books and the lore of ancient times, exactly as their forebears did.

The fragrance of Assamese Agarwood oil is considered one of the most complex and alluring in the world. The power is present from the start in the fragrance, like a combustion of pepper and other spices, almost but not quite overwhelming. As you start to enjoy the force of the experience, you are able to bask in sweet middle notes, redolent of nuts, then honey, then the distinctive tones of musk. Finally, you find yourself basking among bales of hay after rain, and a fresh aroma that could only originate in woodland of abundant fertility – Welcome to the land that gives this fragrance its name. Welcome to Antique Assam.


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